Creating memories with my Wrangler travel Journal

Create Memories with me and my Wrangler Travel Journal


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I planned so many trips this year with my buddies, I cant wait to fix my summer feed. Thats why Im writing down the things I want to do on my Wrangler Travel Journal (planner type). WHERE TO GO NEXT WEEK? This was my problem 2 weeks ago. Thanks to my Journal, because after writing down all the places where I feel like going I ended up with a plan.
Heads up La Union because I’m going there on monday! Can’t wait to chase the waves and check all my bucketlist for this month’s travel. Hmm.. who am I going to bring? You guys will find out very soon. Do you guys want to know how I ended up with my plan? Easy. The Wrangler Travel Journal will not only help you sort out specific details of your trip but will also help you make your travel more fun (Itinerary-wise). For example, it has a checklist/bucketlist. Through this, you’ll be able to create more memories and you’ll be able to cross out the things that you dared yourself to do.
Now let’s stop talking about whats inside it. Let’s now talk about how stylish this Travel Journal is. Tbh, I only carry my wallet and mini “leather envelope” with me when I go out. Those are my essentials, Daily Essentials. But after getting my very own Wrangler Travel Journal, I realised that it makes my style edgier. The warm brown leather makes ot more appealing than it is.
It’s very dark and classy (it’s lightweight so dont cha worry). It’s just useful. I’m happy that I ended up with this planner, I can’t stop planning with my travel journal, im not kidding. It almost feels like I always have to plan just so I can make this travel journal more creative (It’s a good motivation though). This year, plan with me, let’s go to places that we’ve never been to, let’s do things that we’ve always dreamt about, let’s fill our Wrangler Travel Journal with ink & memories.