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It’s been a while since I last posted a band shirt (Maybe because it’s hard to find a classic kind of print). While I was going around Greenbelt, I passed by Cotton On and was looking for a shirt I can use for an event. I was going for a plain shirt, but when I was about to pay, I saw a covered shirt hanging in the section near the display area. Then when I checked, it was a vintage print ROLLING STONE tee shirt. I didn’t know Cotton On had these. It was a cool shirt that I can wear with my leather jacket or Denim Jackets. I like the how they printed the design of this shirt because it’s like a shirt from an 80’s Rolling Stone Concert Memorabilia. 🤘

I paired it with a cool Jacket from Forever 21 which I got for only 1990PHP. Around 40 USD. So I attended my night event looking like I came from a metal concert. 👌

Outfit Details: Top, CottonOn. Jacket, Forever21. Eyewear, CottonOn.

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  • Catnip

    Hi Kuya! Where did you get your rings? Cool. 👌