Bench: Shape Shifter



Hello everyone, I am very happy to announce that I am Bench’s Shapeshifter. For us men, having a good hair is our all out effort to look good, and with that, you need to use hair quality products that will make your hair look even better. My hair type is wavy, sometimes I wake up with a bad hair and sometimes i wake up with it looking dope (Seriously). But with using Bench’s Shapeshifter, I knew I found my perfect hairstyling wax. Not only that it smells good, it also keeps the volume of my hair on point. It has the perfect balance of shine and matte for the hair. Now I know, that you’re curious about how much this is.. what if I give you one? For free?

Take a photo of your hairstyle together with the bench fix hair product that yiu use and I’ll send you a personal package ? tag me and @Benchtm on Instagram!

  • Miguel Bayla

    Wow, Love the style of your hair! 😀