#WantedAzzaro (Giveaway)

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If there’s one thing about me that not everyone knows, i’m a sucker for good perfumes. I love smelling good. It’s the reason why maybe some of my friends appreciate me. Haha Smelling good has been a part of my lifestyle ever since I was a kid. It’s an ifluence I got from my dad, before I always see him carry his perfume around and it makes me wonder why? Now I know why. A perfume is not just a scent, it’s a way of describing who you are to a person just by your sense of smell.

The kind of fragrances that I use is always based on a citrus-y smell. And it’s hard because when you’re going to a serious event, a citrus based scent sometimes would catch the attention of the people around you. If you’re wearing a suit, you should wear something that will match your look. I am talking about the new scent of Azzaro, based on it’s woody and smokey notes, this one will definitely turn heads around. Like what we’ve always wanted, now we have all our chance to experience how to be wanted with Azzaro. Imagine the sexy smell that would attract women. Imagine the confidence you’ll be able to give once you step inside the room. But the question here is, Are you ready to be WANTED? If yes, then I will challenge you to join my Wanted:Azzaro giveaway. I’m talking about you, going me to the Wanted launch this month. Read more to know how to join.

1. Follow me and @artofscent_ph on Instagram
2. Upload your most stylish OOTD and use the hashtag #WantedAzzaro
For example:

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3. 2 Winners will be chosen and will be going to the #WantedAzzaroPH Launch.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your best OOTD or OOTN and tag us 👌


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