There’s no easy way #BenchHeritage

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“There’s No Easy Way”

I will start with “There’s no easy way to get to where you wanna be”. Growing up, life wasn’t easy for me. I had to face so many problems like “where’s dad?” “Why can’t I attend my fieldtrips every year?” To “why isn’t this girl replying to me?” “When will I hit puberty and grow taller than this guy?” To “How will I make my parents proud?” “Where will I be in 10 years?”, but never did I thought of giving up. Instead, I sat down and started looking for answers that wasn’t easy to look for but worth it to find. Now, I can say that I’ve learned but I still continue to learn. Everyday’s a challenge but if you live a positive life, you’ll end up finishing on a positive note, too. Four weeks ago I decided to hit the gym again, I wanted to regain the body that I lost because of my laziness. I wanted to have a good physique and a healthy lifestyle. So I called up Billy James, asking him for help with my body and diet. Then my day 1 at BillyJamesFitnessCenter was crazy. It felt like it was my first time working out again, but I liked the adrenaline. Then I went straight to the gym for 7 days. No skip days. Then for my 1st week, I saw the results. My body got bigger and more toned. Then I pushed through with working out even at home and when I went to Cebu for my birthday week. My body goal was to get bigger then shred. Now I’m more inspired to work out because many of my readers were impressed with my transformation. All you really gotta have is perseverance and patience. You gotta start small. Always. Just like BENCH’s 30th year in the Philippine Fashion Industry! Congratulations to my main lifestyle brand. ?  I must say, this is my favourite #BenchTM logo that represents the brand’s history. Grab your #BenchHeritage tee now in all Bench Branches!

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Workout routine:

Monday – Chest & Biceps

Wednesday – Back & Triceps

Friday – legs & Core

Sunday – Core & natural activities (like running, swimming, soccer, etc.)

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Diet plan:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, protein pancakes, bananas.

Lunch: chicken breast pesto pasta, 2 egg whites.

Pre workout snack: Whey Protein blend with oats, Peanut Butter sandwich.

While working out: energy drink.

Post workout meal: Whey Protein Blend with banana or protein bar with banana.

Dinner: Bangus or Tilapia with sweet potatoes, 2 egg whites.

Midnight snack: (Optional) – Peanuts and milk

Always remember that 6 to 8 hours of sleep is very important in the muscle building process. So SLEEP.

To help you grow, inquire at Billy James Fitness Center //

  • Miguel Bayla

    Thanks for sharing your lifestyle and your personal life! I’m already inspired after reading this blog! Please make more contents about your personal life, it will definitely leave an impact to your readers 😀