Âme | A Heartbreak

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“Âme | Ben Sherman”

“Âme” is a French word that means “Soul” in English. The story about this look is about a guy who’s trying to impress this french woman that he met in a coffee shop during summer. Making. Does she feel the same way? Will they both end up wanting love? As soon as he gets the courage to meet the woman, He had given no signs about liking the woman, but instead, he became open with the idea that he’s keeping his head above water. In that very specific moment, he realized that it was the woman he was looking for. Exchanging laughs, enjoying the same cup of coffee, hanging out in the same spot for consecutive weeks as he tries to figure out how he will admit his feelings. After a night of thinking, he finally decides to admit his feelings to her but she didn’t show up in the coffee shop the next day. He waited for hours, days, wondering what could’ve happened to the woman who made a difference to his everyday routine. As he arrives the coffee shop hoping to see the woman, he notices something different about the her. As he walks towards her, he can clearly see a bright diamond ring on her ring finger with a man on his knees proposing to her. Everyone of us are trying to find love, we always strive to have the quality of being easy to understand; and he did all of these to impress this woman whom he’s pretty sure that’s going to have a big role in his life. And as sure as he was, the woman had the big role – of breaking his heart, his soul, his entire being.

– Âme

I’ve been keeping my blog updated, trying to type all the thoughts and emotions I feel to share with you guys. And a big part of that is listening to my favorite Soul-Jazz playlist. In this look, I tried to look like a Parisienne. Wearing my Ben Sherman top, partnered with my H&M skinny chino pants. You can use this look to attend casusl events, it’s not going to be too overdressed, nor underdressed. Simple and stylish, like what I always say.

Outfit Details: Logo tee, Ben Sherman. Grey Skinny Chino Pants, H&M. Shoes, Sperry (new collection). Cap, H&M. Socks H&M. Eyewear, Cotton On.

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