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“Feel Nothing”

That is the goal. I succeeded. | How are you guys? It’s been a rough week for me since a close friend of mine, Ryan Santiago Died from a rare brain disease. I still can’t believe what happened to him in the span of 3 years. He fought hard and all I can say is that, you’ll forever be missed, Ry. Now that you’re up there, enjoy all the sardinas of mama Ling ? Life is too short, that’s why enjoy every moment. Love the happiness you’re getting, love the pain you’re feeling, embrace life and everything will fall into place. //

Moving on, I’m dedicating this post for my brother Ryan Santiago since we have the same passion for good music and arts. Enjoy guys!

This is one of my top looks for this month, this is a throwback from one of my shoots earlier this year. We used a #FujifilmXA3 with a 35mm lens. There was no lighting involved only the flash. To be honest, XA3 is really a good mirrorless camera that can take your photos to the next level.

Basically the style is a rebel look that involves my passion which is playing the guitar. Yes, it’s one of my hidden talents. We tried to shoot something indoor that will represent who I really am and what my style is all about. This look is my usual but what’s different about it is everything here are my favorite wardrobe pieces.

To be honest, I easily get judged with how I carry myself and how I wear my clothes. Some people think that I’m a bad person with bad vices (I drink alcohol but I don’t smoke. I hate cigarettes. Ew), some people think I’m gay, some people think I have a lonely life because I’m always in black. Haha But I realized that caring about what they think is just simply f*cked up. I don’t wake up every single day of my life and blog to be judged based on my outfits. Who can relate? The best way to earn respect from these people is BE YOURSELF. Don’t run around pleasing people to like you. Be different, care for those who care and leave those who will pull you down. Or might as well, pull them up. But to cut the story short, learn how not to give a damn with these lonely people who will try to bring you down emotionally. I know that the social media can sometimes be harsh but that is life, we can never avoid negativity because it’s just there. So be the better person and keep doing what you love doing. Intendies?

Outfit Details: GNR Tour tee, ZARA. Bottom, Versace Jeans. Jacket, H&M STUDIO. Boots, H&M. Sunglasses, H&M.






All photos are taken using Fujifilm XA3 with 35mm lens. No lighting just the flash.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

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