I Woke Up Wanting To Kiss Her. #SedaNuvali

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“I Woke Up Wanting To Kiss You.”

Day 1 with my Seda Nuvali Staycation.

Hey guys, you must be wondering what the title is all about, I know it’s bit different compared to my other blog entries but this post will a little bit personal. Why? That is the big question. It’s been months since I took a good sweet vacation to enjoy myself. I always travel with my family or most of the time friends. And I can say that this one is different. This 2 day vacation was only for myself and no one else. Maybe this is what my soul needed after all? In order to reconnect with myself and to breathe.  So many things happened in the previous months that really challenged me as a person. Now I can say that I’m all good and ready move forward. I’m ready to start writing the new chapter in my book. ? To answer your question about my blog entry title, I woke up wanting to kiss her is about this woman that makes my heartbeat so fast whenever she looks at me like I just want to drown in her pupils. Making me more inspired to achieve greater and better things. Who’s this woman? Could it be you? Wait for my next blogpost to know about what I’m talking about.

I wanna thank SEDA NUVALI for accommodating me, making sure that I’ll have a wonderful stay. Check out the room that I stayed in.

Now, expect more dapper looks from me. Let’s take our style to a whole new level.

Outfit Details: Top, H&M. Bottom, ZARA. Jacket, H&M (Studio). Shoes, H&M.

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Now, some of you guys are sending me emails or DM’s about how I fix my feed, or apps that I use for my photos, I’m sorry for not responding at times because it’s hard to explain. I use three different apps to fix my photos and make it look retro. But I will be posting about this soon. Who’s up for a mini editing workshop? // hit the comment below if you want a video tutorial or a workshop.

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