Everyone Starts At Something

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“Everyone starts at something”

Because small causes can have larger effects.

Back in 2012, Lookbook.nu was the only platform I use to share my look/outfit online. A good friend of mine Vince Crisostomo sent me an invite so I can create an account and post my outfit shots. In the world of lookbook, there was a thing called “HYPE”. It’s basically like the HEART or LIKE on Instagram


In the the lookbook world, every hype you get is important. I see it as the fashion platform of Instagram. This was before I created my website www.mikylequizon.com.

I decided to create my website back in 2013, when a friend of mine pushed me to make one for all of my ootds. After posting some of my content online, things became better for me. More engagement and more readers. But of course, it wasn’t perfect. I had to read bad and harsh comments from anonymous people online. It was hard because I thought I wasn’t doing the right thing that’s why I was starting to get these kind of comments. But at the end of the day, you’ll think to yourself, this website is your platform to express yourself online. And as a blogger, I want the online community to learn from my thoughts and what I think about when it comes to menswear fashion. So the question now is… “who gives a f**k about what you do?”. As long as you know you’re doing the right things, everything will fall into place. Less drama, more fun.

I dedicate this look to everyone who wants to start up their own blog. That’s one hell of a sacrifice. And to those who has their own websites, cheers to you guys. We are the voice of the FUTURE.

Story of the look: I started out wearing Converse, literally. I had the old Chuck Taylor Hi Cut in Red, Green, and Yellow. I started to wear them back in gradeschool for my PE class or during the weekends. It was my lolo’s classic shoes that was stuck inside his cabinet for years, maybe even decades. It was the legit “classics”. I started to fall in love with Converse Chuck Taylor because I can use it everywhere. It’s perfect for every occasion. One of the reasons why I found my Denim cut is because of my Chuck Taylor’s. I used to wear baggy pants or joggers with my chunky basketball shoes. But when I started wearing my Chuck’s, it just didn’t fit. So I had to ask my lola to buy me a new pair of denims. She accidentally bought me a denim from the women’s department. I was a kid so I didn’t know which is which. Then that’s where I figured that I can rock skinnies with my chucks. I believe that some of my influences came from the historical background of Converse. Andy Warhol (Artistic side), Metallica & Guns N’ Roses to John Mayer & all that.. (Music), James Dean to Johnny Depp (Style Icon). And many more. A big thanks to Converse for teaching me how to rock using my Chuck’s.

Outfit Details: Top, H&M Studio. Bottom, TOPMAN. Shoes, Converse (Low cut). Cap, NewEra x Volcom. Watch, Nixon.

  • Milan Rivara

    i always love your looks mikyle! Tbh, you’re one of my mens blogger crush ?? Hope i can see you soon again. I have a picture together with you last B.U13 and it was my first time to attend at B.U, And i’m so blissful that day! Have a great day. Lovelots!


  • Miguel Bayla

    That’s true! Classics never go out of style and love the story of your blogging career 😀

  • Alfred Gallaron

    Been a fan since Lookbook days :)