“Drive with Tucson”


“Drive with Tucson”

Driving the all new Hyundai Tucson 2017.

How do you drive? How do you see driving? What is driving to you? Is driving an activity that anyone can just learn and do? Hi, my name is Mikyle Quizon, welcome to my blog. Today, I’ll share my thoughts about driving and how the all new Hyundai Tucson 2017 changed my view with driving.

I started driving when I was 16, I remember getting a students license in LTO (East Ave.) and then immediately enrolled and took a 1 week driving course without my mom knowing (She’s over protective that’s why I know that if I tell her the idea of me learning how to drive, It’ll make her go nuts). It was worth it, from learning all the street signs to how the engine works, up to the simplest details of the car. When I learned how to drive a stick shift, I was curious if I’ll be able to do it alone and with my mom’s car. One day, she went out of town to celebrate her friend’s birthday, so I took the opportunity to steal the car and see if I can drive it. then boom. I did it. But to be honest with you, I know it was wrong but it’s really what I wanted at the moment. Driving around made me happy, it’s like there’s a connection between you and the car you are driving. On the way home, I noticed that the gate was open and my yaya was waving non stop. At first I thought she was cheering because I already know how to drive, but as I drive closer to the gate, I can see my mom’s van parked. Now, the panic begins. And all of a sudden, my driving skills vanished. I forgot how to deal with the changing of gears or stepping on the clutch before stopping. haha I can exactly remember how I went down the car and asked my tito to park the car for me because I can’t anymore. haha


Me: Hi mom, kala ko magtatagaytay ka?

Mom: (And the sermon begins)

END OF STORY – Grounded for 1 month with daily house chores for lying and stealing the car.

Kids, do not do this. it’s not safe to drive around anymore like before.

Okay, so my experience made me love driving. I got obsessed with customizing cars and learning all about it (favorite game is Need For Speed).  Driving to me isn’t just about turning the wheel or stepping on the accelerator to move and go around places. to me driving is about experiencing the car and loving every miles you go with it. Hyundai Tucson 2017 made driving easier for me. I personally love Hyundai, we own a Starex and I love driving it even if it’s huge. Named after a prime city right in the heart of Arizona in the US, Hyundai Tucson (TU-son) is a compact SUV with a powerful engine in contrast to its size. I am not over exaggerating my driving experience with Tucson, but it’s really fast. I spent the long weekend last week in Fuego with my buddies and brought the Hyundai Tucson with us, and on the way to Fuego, we passed by SLEX, where-in I switched the “SPORT” mode on. I couldn’t even feel that we’re going 140 mph. The ride is smooth and very stable. then when we entered the Cavite, I switched the drive button to “Eco” mode, “What is Eco Mode?”? Eco drive mode, helps reduce fuel consumption during trips that involve frequent accelerating. The Eco mode will maximize fuel efficiency by changing the throttle input, making that input less sensitive, more smooth. Basically it’s a solid fuel saver that will be our bestfriend specially when you’re just driving around the city. I was lucky enough to experience the Diesel Engine. I got it full tank and used it for a week, I went to so may places and never stopped by to refuel. For short, it’s f****** mind blowing. I am planning to get one with the Diesel Engine. I tell you, It’s a must. The interior outside and inside is amazing. It’s spacious and very easy to connect with. The stock audio system is enough to make the bass of your favorite song go boom. I felt love at first sight with thi awesome Ara Blue Hyundai Tucson 2017. I can imagine myself driving this for days. For all the Kids, Young Adults, Adults, Parents, Grandparents, Aliens, or whatever, THIS CAR IS 10 out of 10 in my opinion. #GUSTOKOHYUNDAI #GustoKayaSama

Check out the photos and see the goodness of this SUV. Congratulations Hyundai.


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  • Miguel Bayla

    As of now, this is my dream car! Thank you for sharing your opinion about this car, it helps me to be more familiarized about Tucson. Yay!