How to spot a good location for your OOTD

How to spot for a good OUTFIT SHOT location?

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As a menswear blogger, the most important thing in every content that I publish is the location. And that is my recipe in every photos I produce. Before, I used to always focus on me and my clothes as the subject. Eventually I got tired and sick of editing my face and outfits for my Instagram feed, that’s when I started to think wider. What if I take fillers? What if I shoot like @doyoutravel? What if I include everything in the photo? What if I use a wide lens that can capture everything that I see? Then I started to follow Instagram accounts of the top travel bloggers to get some ideas about what I want to do, then I also checked pinterest to get some inspiration. And then the next day, I needed to do what I had to do. I needed to change my feed to gain more audience. From then on, I started to invest on locations. Going to places that I’ve never been, going to cafe’s to create content and discover more about pushing my creativity. I ended up planning things on my calendar and became more disciplined with shooting new content. Then as I publish new photos on my Blog and Social Networking Sites, some of my followers commented on how they liked my new style and how they admired my feed. So now, I’m sharing this secret to you so you can make your blog and your feed more creative! If you’re starting out, the only tip I can give you is create something new.


Tips on how to spot for a good Outfit Shot location: Enjoy!


1. Go to hidden or known cafe’s.
Not only that these cafe’s have good interiors, but once you’re inside and starting to smell the roast, you’ll have no choice but to stay and end up working for hours. Believe me!

Recommended Cafe: Unit 27


2. Places with direct sunlight.
Brave the heat and do it for the gram. Haha Natural lighting is always the best. Can be inside the building, In the park, or even in the middle of the road.


Recommended Place: BGC, you can walk everywhere here with so many locations.


3. If you’ll travel, sacrifice a day to shoot content.
Yes, that is me. When I have a 3 day staycation somewhere, I always take a day to work on my content and nothing else. Might sound rough but it’s an easy task specially if you already have a mood board to follow!


4. Go to places that will match your outfit.
Will you ever go to a club wearing barong or a baro’t saya? That’s what I mean. Do your shoots in places that will match your vibe and outfit. If you’re from the south, it’s easier for you because you have Makati, Alabang, and BGC. And if you’re from the North, you have more Cafe’s, Vertis North, Parks, and all that random places.

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5. You don’t need an expensive camera to make your photos look legit, you just need an eye to spot a good corner that will match your taste.
In every places that you will go to, learn to observe and study the place. For example, last week, I was in Baguio for a 3 day vacation, I went to coffee shops, diner’s, and all that amazing parks that they have, then I studied the interior every place that I went into, I took a photo of the angles that I want, then I gathered these on my mood board. The next day, I I was able to do 7 quick layouts because I already knew the outfit that I can wear for the locations I’ve spotted.


There you have it! I hope this entry gave you ideas on how to build and make your content more creative! Cheers!


You’ll see the photos on my Instagram! 👌 @mikylequizon

Thank you!


  • Miguel Bayla

    Yes! Location is everything. And by following you on IG, I must say that your content improved a lot and i love it! However, I sometimes miss your old feed(edgy black theme). I will always support you , Kuya Mikyle, God bless and Keep safe 😀