What do you want for Christmas?

“What do you want for Christmas?”

Christmas gift ideas that helped me survive the Christmas Shopping rush! Maybe you need this too? Read more and this entry might just help you out!


1. Yes, flowers. (Difficulty Level: Easy)

This is the easiest gift that you can give someone. Sweet & thoughtful. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate flowers? I strongly reccomend you to check out @petalier_ on Instagram, they offer quality stems that will melt the heart of your special someone.

For more info, visit www.petalier.com or follow them on Instagram, @petalier



2. Perfumes. Spend for a good one. (Difficulty Level: Hard)

“What else can i give him if he/she has everything already?”. NOPE. Perfumes are the way to go. What’s hard about choosing the right kind of perfume is that you really have to choose the perfect scent that will match him/her. Hmm… here’s a tip: Choose the scent that reminds you of your special someone. Choosing a scent is like finding that person’s soul. Sounds creepy? Yes?

Drop by ART OF SCENT and let them help you figure out that perfect smell!

Recommended branches to visit:

Shangrila Mall Edsa, City of Dreams Pasay, Resorts World Manila.



3. Sunglasses or frames. (Difficulty Level: Hard)

It’s an essential. This person can use this WHENEVER ANYWHERE. BUT, it’s a bit hard because you have to know the right type of frame that will fit his/her face structure. Hmm.. stalk his/her Facebook and check the type of frame he/she uses. It’ll be easier. Way easier.

Visit www.sunglasses.la!



4. Camera.

Could be DSLR or a mirrorless one. Our generation posts everything on social media. It’s not a bad thing because I saw how my brother improved in handling a camera. And if he is 14 years old, I’m sure more kids are willing to learn.

This is a Canon DSLR from my shoot with Bench!



5. Book a trip somewhere. (Difficulty level: YOU’RE A KEEPER IF YOU PULL THIS OFF

Let’s face it, everyone wants to travel, but not everyone knows how to travel. Going to a different country is not really hard, you just need to invest some time doing paperworks. Check “Countires to visit” online, and choose a destination that will depend on your budget. You’ll need your Passport, Country to visit, apply for Visa (if a Visa is required), plan your trip , book it, then FLY.

Book a trip now! www.airasia.com

Follow @AirAsia on Instagram!


6. SHOES. This is the best gift ever. EHEM, EHEM. HAHAHA (Difficulty level: Not So Hard)

If you’re empty handed this Christmas, don’t be negative. Do know that you’re doing a great job if people are expecting gifts from you! This is the best gift to give your woman or your man. Figure out their personal style, then choose. I find it easy because trends nowadays are easy to distinguish.

(Note: Give them a coin together with the shoes to avoid fighting.)


7. If you get stuck in an island, what is that one thing you’ll save? – Oh easy, my iPhone.

Fuck. It’s like everyone’s ID nowadays. If you don’t have a cellphone that has access to the internet, meaning you’re not human. You’re some old soul alien. Everyone literally is required to have a cellphone. And with that, you need to protect and make it look brand new. So here’s the best gift you can give someone!

The all new OTTER iPhone 7 or 8 compatible Case, and the all new OTTER iPhone 7 or 8 compatible screen protector.

To order, follow them on Instagram: @OtterBox

And for orders and inquiries, visit www.otterbox.com

And there you have it! If you have a question comment below!


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